Monthly Archives: January 2012

So I haven’t been too active so far with this blog, unfortunately things such as working and job applications (basically the boring parts of life) have kind of got in the way over the past week. There are some posts in progress regarding some recent exhibition visits and also future projects. The next exhibition I’m working towards is looking to be at the end of March. This exhibition surrounds the curatorial theme of ‘testing ground’ (again more on this later). Ideas and plans for future works are currently scribbled across colour post-it notes on my work desk, but I’ve been thinking a lot about multiple screens, juxtaposing images, miniature cameras and CCTV cameras…

Speaking of CCTV.. I leave you with a link to Michael Snow’s 45 minute experimental film ‘Wavelength’ (1967). Set entirely in the same room, an anonymous apartment, and with only one camera, the film consists of a long slow zoom which explores the scene and events which unfold within. Wavelength challenges the function of film and the cinematic relationships between illusion and fact, subject and object, space and time.

Wavelength Film 


Cinema, Video (2011)

As we enter the dark space of the cinema, we become immersed in the screen, like slipping into a new state of consciousness; we can easily become lost in another world.

‘Cinema’ is the most recent piece of work I have made and exhibited. I completed the video in November 2011; however it is a piece I’ve actually been (slowly!) making for the past couple of years. I finally finished it in time to take with me to India as part of a project I participated in (more on this later). The video was exhibited in a small room in an unconventional gallery space in Mumbai. The piece doesn’t yet feel entirely resolved; this may be because I wasn’t entirely happy with the final installation of the work in the exhibition, in which case maybe re-showing in a different space will give a sense of resolution. I may even remake the video and alter with the editing process, potentially adding audio elements; I think these decisions will come with some further testing.

The video was made as both a reflection of and homage to, the space of the cinema. In making previous moving image pieces and installing works as large projections in dark rooms I’ve found myself almost fascinated with the cinematic viewing space. I speak of the ‘cinema’ as a dark projection space that one enters into to become lost within a different world presented on-screen, this is a space where a sense of time and reality can easily become distorted, a real phsyical space where fictionalised worlds are played out. As a video of a constructed model I made the piece to reflect upon the cinema as this dream-like space, a collision between reality and fiction, thinking both about the psychical space and also the world of video itself as a less tangible mind space. These ideas are still very present in my practice and no doubt will be unpicked further in writing, exhibition visits, ideas and making.

Long overdue, but I’ve finally got around to creating a blog. Please bear with me while I upload some content and try to make the place look a little bit prettier (I think it will be an ongoing process!). I hope to use this space to share thoughts, artworks, works in progress, writing and projects I’m involved in, whilst exploring ideas, influences and research that underpins my practice  – kind of like a live sketch book.

Fingers crossed I can keep it up to date! Watch this space…