Suspension in Twilight.

I’m briefly re-visiting and sharing an exhibition I saw in Mumbai in December at Project 88 of Pakistani artist Huma Mulji. Below is a quick video I took of one of the work’s in Mulji’s solo exhibition ‘Twilight’. A very short clip taken to capture ‘Ode to the lamppost that got accidentally removed in the enthusiastic widening of Canal Bank road’, a stand-out piece of work which has stayed with me from my time in Mumbai. And, underneath, an excerpt of a review I wrote on the exhibition.

“As the sun begins to set, the light dims and makes the gradual decline into darkness. Eyes adjusting to a diffused, softer focus of light, a sense of ambiguity prevails. A strange, almost eerie presence hangs silently in the air during this short period of time between sunset and nightfall.

This distant yet familiar scenario plays out in the space of Project 88 as you enter into the dusky world of Pakistani artist, Huma Mulji where her solo exhibition entitled ‘Twilight’ is currently showing. Stepping inside from the sunny humid Mumbai daylight, a change of atmosphere into the dimly lit gallery space is immediately present. Aptly titled, Mulji’s works presented in ‘Twilight’ depict a world, suspended in a state between day and night, a strange world seemly balancing on the cusp of reality…”

Read the full review here

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